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            The exhibition

            A comprehensive enterprise integrated with R & D

            It is developed rapidly through advance technology and professional levels in the field of material handling equipments.
            Niuli Machinery  is a comprehensive enterprise integrated with R & D, production and distribution, professoionally manufacturing material handling equipments.

            Our company constantly improves the production capacity and updates technology to meet growing increasingly labour market, We have more than 100 models of material handling equipments, the main products: Hand Pallet Truck , Hand Stacker , Electric Hydraulic Stacker, Electric Pallet Truck, Tail lift, Industrial Caster, Forklift, Hydraulic Scissor Lift table , Hydraulic Dock Leveller and so on, the annual production has reached 400000 pcs and the products have been exported to more than 120 countries and areas .
            The sales and post sales network cover the whole china market. "NIULI" brand enjoy high reputation in the internal and overseas market. Our company has been passed ISO9001:2000 Certificate of Quality Managerment System and the main products have been passed the CE/GS certification by TUV in Germany.
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